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Cymatics (from Greek: κῦμα "wave") is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid. Different patterns emerge in the exitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency. From.Wiki

Advance preparations
1. 12inch Woofer Speaker RMS 200W Online shop
    It is very very cheap and high quailty speaker

2. Mini Amplifier  Online shop
    It's cheapest so bed quality.
    Stereo channel each output RMS 40W
    It's not enough power.
    I barely succeed of make a pattern.
    and you need to DC12V, 2A power adapter Online shop

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